Camila Fenster
Født 1970

Living in Portugal and half Danish, Camila Fenster is an early lover of photography and travel, two passions that she merges with her artwork. The travels reflect the contact with different cultures and the result is a photographic portfolio rich in details - textures, shapes and objects that she later uses as if they were ”paints”.

Her original work is based on the construction of the images as a whole and then on the fusion of small elements that, altogether, tell a story. A real story, something inspired by the photographer’s particular universe, the way she watches the world and her own life.

My work is mainly focused on my vision of human behavior in general, including mine.

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The feeling I had when creating these works was that our world has gone Rogue. Going rogue for me is deviating from what would be our logical direction. It is like stopping at a red light that never seems to turn green, loosing patience, speeding forward without any concern of the consequences.

It is also said that “Rogue thinking” is about thinking outside the box on all possibilities, embracing a challenge rationally without affecting the circumstances. A transformation of the original mindset, not allowing power to become a curse. The main theme in this collection is creating an awareness of climate change because we can all feel the shifts growing by the year

Technical specifications of all the artworks All works are printed in Whitewall, I chose the best lab worldwide in Germany. Depending on the size and needs, I will use a 3 mm dibond a high quality photographic paper Fuji Crystal DP II or Maxima Ultra HD glossy, under a 2mm, 4mm Acrylic Glass also glossy. All artworks arrive ready to hang with aluminium rails.

From this year forward I will sign my works in front and each artwork will have a certificate of authenticity where can be found all the information of the work, hand signed and white stamped. This certificate should be kept in the envelope behind the work.

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