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Heather Betts

Musical Colors

It was a truly unique musical experience for me when I first viewed Heather
Betts paintings.  There it was, music in form and colors on the canvas, not
necessarily the music Heather had listened to while painting, not
necessarily the music Heather had tried to capture in the paintings, but
forms that gave me an limitless space for my own musical interpretation.

I have a quite special relationship to a particular work, "The Grail", which
Heather has painted to the music of Wagners Parsifal, an opera which I have
performed on stage.  Typical of Heathers work, there are floating human
forms, upside down. The grail itself is there, but otherwise there is
nothing concrete, nothing definite, but rather dreamlike, blurry.  It gives
me space for my own interpretation, my own artistic immersion, just as I
experience when I begin to study a new musical score or begin a new opera
production, taking the first steps into a new musical world.

I have had the pleasure of providing musical interpretations to a couple of
Heathers exhibitions in Denmark.  Here I have tried to find that music that
I found to be congruous to both the paintings and the place of the
exhibition.  This proved to be a most challenging task, there were so many
possibilities, so many choices.  Without a doubt, there is a magnitude of
music in Heather Betts paintings. 

Gert Henning-Jensen, dec13

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